Ground Ladder Testing

Ground ladder testing is another annual requirement of NFPA 1932 2015 edition.  The three areas of ladder testing are visual inspection, horizontal bend test, and the hardware test. These three components encompass all aspects of the ladder.

Visual inspection  – The ladders are put through a thorough hands on inspection to ensure the ground ladder is safe for operation. During the visual inspection all rungs, rails, halyards, and roof hook assemblies are examined for damage. Extension ladders are waxed to ensure the ladder extends smoothly.

Horizontal Bend test – KLR uses 50lb weights on all bend tests and accurately measures any deviation in the ladder to make sure it is within the correct tolerance.

Hardware test – All roof hooks and hardware are stress tested to ensure that they are strong enough for their weight rating.

Benefits to testing Ladders with KLR:

  • We can replace or fix any minor problem right in the field
  • Proper documentation of each ladder
  • Proper placement of heat sensors, electrical, danger and angle stickers, and length designation stickers where required.